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We’re Genius Division. We're a branding & digital agency based in Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK

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What is a branding & digital agency?

Navigating the difference between marketing agencies, design agencies, web design companies and SEO companies (and just understanding what those are) is hard enough as it is. We don’t want to throw our definitions into the ring as well without explaining. Let us break down where we fit into that.

A branding agency

We help organisations present their values, morals and ethics in a visual format, through logo design, creating branding guidelines, consultation, and providing graphic design. In other words, we match up what you think your organisation should look like with what your target market expects you to look like. And then we make you look good.

A digital agency

We help you understand the digital world (things like websites, the Internet, social media and digital marketing), and turn it to your advantage. We help organisations make informed decisions on what kind of presence they need on the internet, and how best to achieve that. We particularly specialise in WordPress websites, and making powerful, industrial-strength ecommerce websites with WordPress and WooCommerce.

Let’s get started.

What we've been up to.


We've designed lasting iconic brands for companies and organisations of all sizes: from national charities to local businesses.


We specialise in designing engaging and original print campaigns and using materials that make sure people sit up and notice.


We make apps for organisations and for ourselves that revolutionise businesses and customer experiences.

How We’re Handling The Coronavirus Crisis At Genius Division