Barnsley College Intranet

Intranet website supports staff communication and collaboration

What they said

“We were delighted to work with Genius Division to develop our new intranet. They delivered a modern, easy to navigate internal communications tool that works for all staff on many levels. Our staff can complete tasks, easily find vital information and engage both formally and informally with colleagues. Genius Division worked with us through the whole process from initial brief to launch and continue to provide an excellent support service.”

Sue Tazzyman, Barnsley College


Project Objectives

When Barnsley College approached us to help redesign and develop their new internal intranet system we were only too happy to assist. We’d worked previously with the college on their main student website and we were delighted to help with their next exciting project as they continued to make key improvements to their online tools.

The college already recognised that communication and sharing information was essential to the effective running of such a large organisation with so many diverse departments. Their existing intranet website needed a rethink in terms of its layout, how it was maintained and updated and its content. It also needed to be easily accessible to all staff and become a dependable mechanism to disseminate information.


Our Work

We were tasked with designing a new intranet that staff could access, download useful documents and forms and view news and announcements. We developed the website on WordPress which is a platform that is easy to use and update, meaning that departments all across the college would have no problem in updating information on a regular basis. 

We worked with the college’s IT team to develop the intranet utilising single sign-on which would allow users to easily gain access with one log-on without compromising on security; powered by their existing infrastructure. The intranet site includes lots of useful information such as a staff directory, events, policies, news and alerts and digitised forms. It also allowed individual departments to view and add posts for their specific work area which didn’t need to be shared with the college’s wider staff network 

Having recently launched the finished intranet site, it is already becoming a valuable asset to the college. Regular news and updates are added and shared amongst individual teams and the wider college, and it offers a wealth of links to other internal tools including a highly useful page of digital and downloadable forms.


How we can help your organisation

A large organisation or group of companies can benefit greatly from their own intranet website. Here they can share information such as news, important documentation and events which keep their team workers up to date and in the know! We can design, develop and build an intranet website for your organisation which is easy to maintain and update, which will become a long term asset to your communication needs.

Why not give us a call to discuss how we can help you move forward and discover how our team of expert designers and developers can make this happen for you.


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