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Hotel group continue their expansion and strengthen their online presence

What they said

“Working with Genius Division is proving greatly beneficial for our organisation. We’re a busy group of hotels and we need to work with an agency who listen to our ideas and deliver results for us. Genius Division have helped us to improve and enhance our online presence which is vital in today’s competitive market. We’d recommend their expertise to any organisation looking for a proactive design agency.”

Jason Hiley, Group Operations Director

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Crest Hotels are an ambitious hotel group who are continually increasing their portfolio of hotels. We’ve worked with Crest Hotels since 2015, helping them with their online presence and strategy.

Whenever Crest have acquired a new property, we have worked with them to unify their brand and create a new website for their latest hotel.

Crest recognise the importance of using a website to promote their business to prospective customers. To help them stand out in a competitive market, we’ve helped them present their hotels through their websites in an attractive and engaging way, which in turn generates customer interest and bookings.

Our Work

We have built a selection of websites for the group to promote their hotels using WordPress—an open-source content management system employed by many popular websites due to its versatility, extendibility and ease of use.

Each website has been planned and designed to promote the individuality of their hotels with pages featuring weddings and events, fine dining, the history of the hotel and events. Each hotel also links to an online reservation booking feature.

We’ve also provided Crest with ad-hoc branding expertise, most recently to provide an updated logo for their prestigious Feathers hotel.

Creating a positive impact

Each hotel website developed by our team has proved to be a successful asset for the Crest group. We have developed websites which are easy to navigate, clear and concise, attracting interest and page views.

How we can help your business

If your organisation is trying to stand out in a competitive field and you want to promote your brand and increase interest, we have the expertise to help you. Our team have worked with a wide range of business types both small and large scale and helped them to actively promote their brand.

We can increase your page views and search engine rankings and help you to engage with your prospective customers through a variety of social media channels. If you’d like to discuss how we can help your business please get in touch.

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