PHA UK - Website refresh

Website refresh helps to raise the profile of charitable organisation

Project Objectives

PHA UK had a website in place prior to their refresh, however it was difficult to update as it had been built on a platform that was extremely complex for the organisation to maintain. They needed a site that could be easily updated and managed. Other priorities were that the site engaged with its users and encouraged them to get involved with the charity.

Our Work

The organisation had commissioned a consultant to carry out the design work for the project and we worked with him to develop his concept into an operational website. We developed the site with the functionality that would allow PHA UK to engage with its users through contact forms, donation pages and participate in research and survey work. We linked the site to social media pages to maximise connectively. Throughout the project we worked collaboratively with PHA UK’s consultant to create their ideal website.

Creating a Positive Impact

Following our development of the PHA UK website, they now have a user friendly, clear, bright website that is used by both the general public and healthcare professionals. It is both helpful and positive in its approach to publicising details of PH. Although the website contains lots of factual information it is presented in an easy to find and read format. Users can easily make requests to receive publications, booklets and DVDs via post, and find out how to become a member and get involved in fundraising and research work. The site also now operates on mobile devices, giving an improved user experience.

visits over last 12 months
of all visits now come from mobile

How we can help your business

If you have a business which is already online but you are thinking about a website refresh we can help you achieve this. By reviewing your existing website, we can tell you where you can improve the overall user experience, help you connect more with users and promote your services and products to increase your customer base and sales.

We can link your social media pages to your website to encourage and generate orders and sales interest, and our experience will ensure your website performs well on search engines. If you run a charitable organisation we can help your users to easily donate through your website and make suggestions on how to keep interest high whilst continuing to attract new users and grow awareness.

Let’s get started

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