How We’re Handling The Coronavirus Crisis At Genius Division

With the UK Government now urging everyone to avoid non-essential contact, we thought it was about time we let you know what we’re doing to handle the Coronavirus crisis at Genius Division. You’ll find some useful information that you can apply in your business, as well as what we’re doing (in short, nothing is changing).

When we sat down for our usual Monday morning production meeting we knew this wasn’t going to be a typical week. Covid-19 is picking up pace rapidly in the UK, and we knew we’d probably need to begin working from home this week.

We’re in a lucky situation that the work we do only requires a laptop and an internet connection, so we can all work from home and don’t require our staff to be physically present in one location.

Immediately we sat down to formulate our response towards:

  1. Our staff.
  2. Our clients.
  3. Keeping Genius Division ticking over.

Let’s discuss these 3 things.

Our staff

Our staff are already free to work remotely if they choose, but the first thing we did was clarify this situation with them. We asked if they’d like to work from home, and we’d help them move their equipment to their house if they needed to.

On Monday, none of our staff wanted to work from home. As this week continues, this may become necessary rather than being a choice.

Our clients

Our plan is simple for our clients. We want to let you know that we’re here and available if you need our help with anything.

You may need help with some of the following things over the next month:

  • Updating your website to provide details of your response
  • Sending out an email campaign to help your clients understand what is happening
  • Sending out print materials to your clients to reassure them you’re still available
  • Creating imagery you can use on your social media to keep your clients informed
  • Creating a marketing strategy on how you’ll handle the crisis

We’re here to help you with that, as well as all your usual requests that you ask of us.

Keeping Genius Division ticking over

We’ve activated our contingency plans (innovatively known as “Plan B”) to make sure Genius Division continues to function just as normal. It means we’re switching to remote working, changing how we work together internally, but continuing as normal.

In short that means we’re here, the same as we always are.

We’re probably about to enter quite a tough time in business in the UK for the next month or two, but we’re still here for you when you need us.

If you want to chat through anything at all please contact us.

Speak soon and stay safe,
Craig, James and Rich

How We’re Handling The Coronavirus Crisis At Genius Division