About us

Photo of Rich Keys

Richard Keys

Rich is Genius Division's technical director. When he's not building Lego or painting toy soldiers he's probably having fun with his kids. Lover of mountains and reading: Stephen King and Middle-earth are among his favourites.

Photo of Craig Burgess

Craig Burgess

Craig is Genius Division's creative director. At weekends, he likes to strangle and grapple fellow Brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiasts throughout the country. In his down time, he peruses the internet's finest cat videos.

Photo of James Sheriff

James Sheriff

James is Genius Division's managing director. In his spare time, he's a keen photographer and walker. James commutes to work most days, rain or shine, on his bike and has managed to keep falling off to an acceptable minimum.

Photo of Joe Hopper

Joe Hopper

Joe is Genius Division's web developer. Joe is currently going through all the stressful things in life like buying his first home and getting married. He's Genius Division's resident meme expert and we all look forward to his weekly 'meme drop'.

Genius Division was established in the summer of 2010 back when David Cameron was Prime Minister, smart phones were becoming popular and Apple released the iPad starting the whole tablet computer thing.

Since then, we’ve gone from strength to strength, employed staff, won clients and launched countless brands, websites, apps and systems.

You can read a more detailed history of Genius Division on Craig’s, Rich’s or James’ personal blogs.

Black and white photo of the interior of Digital Media Centre