Our Ethics & Values Policy

Our ethics and values are extremely important to us in terms of who we are, how we conduct ourselves and the decisions we make. They guide us in our approach to our everyday business and are an integral part of our drive and success. 

Our workplace culture reflects the values we hold dear

We’re committed to ensuring all our business activities are carried out professionally and honestly. We’re committed to upholding the law and working within legal financial regulations.

We don’t participate or undertake any dealings of any kind which involve bribery or any form of corruption. We don’t accept or offer any financial payments, bribes or facilitation payments to or from any person or organisation in connection with their business.

Our business won’t provide its services to companies which are harmful to the environment, or fail to hold fair and equal values for all, or advocates incitement to hatred, or seeks to create irresponsible debt or hardship for others. 

As a Yorkshire based business we are keen to support our local economy and use local businesses and products wherever possible. 

How we engage and work with our valued clients

Genius Division Ltd is committed to conducting itself with a responsible approach to business, combined with honesty and accountability. We strive to work with all our clients in a transparent manner, with clear communication at the forefront of all our business relationships. We ensure we provide clear pricing information to our clients and we don’t oversell. 

We offer workable solutions to suit our clients’ needs and ensure our clients have a full understanding of the work we are undertaking for them. We take the time to engage with our clients and provide regular, truthful progress updates to them. 

We take all possible steps to ensure our work is carried out without any risk to our clients in terms of web related security, and we manage sensitive and confidential information provided by our clients with the utmost care. 

How we treat our people – our greatest asset

We’ve a range of policies and procedures in place which we use to ensure our business activities operate within legal and best practices. We take our responsibilities towards equality, health and safety and the environment very seriously.

We embed our workplace culture by ensuring our team receives periodic training, advice and guidance on all of our organisation’s policies, procedures and statements.

We strive to create a supportive, inclusive working environment for all of our team, ensuring everyone is treated fairly and with respect. 

Our commitment to good environmental practice

We promote and encourage good environmental practices wherever possible. 

Our practices include using electronic documents and email to minimise our use of paper, video calls to our clients to reduce car travel, the recycling of materials whenever we can, only purchasing goods when really needed and turning off electrical items when not in use. 

We also promote sustainable travel to our team through walking and cycling to work. 

Our ethics and values are more than just words

Our Managing Director is responsible for ensuring our ethics and values are upheld by our business and also ensuring all members of our team are aware of, and committed to them. 

We regularly review our statements, policies and procedures alongside our ethics and values to ensure we self-govern these effectively.