Environmental Policy

Genius Division will operate within UK law and regulations relating to environmental policy with regard to its business activities.  

Genius Division are committed to ensuring environmental best practice is incorporated into all its business activities.

Genius Division will ensure:

  • The activities of the business are conducted in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  • Environmental considerations and objectives are considered and incorporated into all business decisions wherever possible. 
  • The consumption of natural resources and waste of materials are minimised wherever practically possible.  
  • We will actively encourage awareness of environmental best practice to our clientele and suppliers wherever possible including encouraging our clients to consider how their business practice may affect the environment, and identify if reductions to the impact on the environment can be made.  
  • If any areas of improvement to Genius Division’s working practices be identified which would reduce its carbon footprint, Genius Division will ensure it takes the necessary action to reduce its impact on the environment. 
  • Genius Division will ensure that its employees are aware of the business’s commitment to environmental best practice and that they adhere to its principles.