Branding Guidelines

What are branding guidelines?

Branding guidelines are instructions that will help you learn how to use your new brand and logo. When we complete our branding project with you, we’ll provide you with a set of branding guidelines.

Why do I need branding guidelines?

We provide you branding guidelines so you’ll know exactly how to use your logo without needing us. Also, if anybody else needs to use your logo in the future you can send them the branding guidelines.

On the other hand, trying to use your new brand without branding guidelines is like trying to put together flat pack furniture without instructions. Things will get messy quickly, you’ll forget where things should go and your new brand just won’t look as good as it should.

What will be in my branding guidelines?

Firstly we show you how your logo should be used. This section includes “dos and don’ts” for your logo so the people who use your logo know how to use it.

We then include examples of your logo in use, so if you need other designs you have a starting point to work from.

Finally, we’ll include samples of how to write your content that will help you when writing blog posts, new marketing messages and in lots of other instances.

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Craig Burgess

Craig is Genius Division's creative director. At weekends, he likes to strangle and grapple fellow Brazilian jiu-jitsu enthusiasts throughout the country. In his down time, he peruses the internet's finest cat videos.