Smart Garage Solutions

App development helps Smart Garage Solutions launch their new business venture.

Project Objectives

SGS commissioned us to design and build an app enabling a garage or service department to send personalised videos of vehicle faults and repairs to customers’ smartphones. 

The system would give customers the opportunity to clearly see the work that their vehicle required without being under the car. Customers would have a better understanding of their vehicle fault as well as creating trust in the work their garage carries out. As a result, customers are far more likely to agree to work being done on their vehicle.

Our Work

We designed a robust system and built a prototype iOS application and Web application which would create, store and deliver personalised customer videos for small independent garages and larger outfits alike.

Drawing on our knowledge of Amazon’s AWS – the same technology that powers Netflix – we built client software to work seamlessly with this technology. We integrated a subscription service and ecommerce functionality using Stripe into the system to automate garage payments and to sign up to a package which was relevant to the size of their business. 

Run on the Software as a Service (SAAS) model, SGS provides the garage with the equipment required to create personalised customer videos. The app connects to garage WiFi and uploads the videos to a web dashboard which stores customer details, sends a quotation to customers and manages customer callback and work conversions.

“The project posed several challenges that needed careful consideration – WiFi/Cellular service in garages isn’t always the greatest, so the app needed to work offline where possible. Video hosting and streaming needed to be as smooth as possible to give the best possible user experience to the end customer. The finished, fully working prototype was a great example of the team’s skill and expertise across a variety of platforms and mediums”. 

Richard Keys, Technical Director at Genius Division

Creating a Positive Impact

Since the launch of the app, Smart Garage Solutions has had over 100 garages and service centres subscribe to their service in the first year and it continues to grow in popularity. Feedback has been very positive by providing clear understandable visual information to customers whose vehicles need repairs. Garages are reporting 20% more work being converted when a customer is sent a personalised video.

How we can help your business

If you have an idea for an app which could enhance the services your business currently provide, we have the development skills to enable you to achieve your goals. Our technical knowledge and experience of building websites and iOS and Web applications means we can turn your ideas into reality, giving you connectivity with your clients and improving your level of customer service. 

If you would like to discuss your ideas and aspirations and find out how we can help you improve your sales process, increase conversion or even get your newest idea off the ground please get in touch.

Our experts

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Richard Keys

Technical Director

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Craig Burgess

Creative Director

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James Sheriff

Managing Director

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