A. Fattorini Website

We created a website refresh for our valued client, A Fattorini The Jeweller.

A. Fattorini The Jeweller is a highly regarded independent jeweller based in Harrogate. Established in 1831, they sell a selection of fine jewellery and watches.

Project Objectives

A. Fattorini are already one of our valued clients. We have been working with A. Fattorini since 2012. They had a website in place but wanted to build on their success and refresh the look of the website. 

We designed, developed and maintained A. Fattorini’s previous website. They came to us again to refresh and create a new website that would uplift their brand.

Our Work

We designed and developed a sophisticated new website. We created a new homepage with a visually-striking design that prioritises images. The homepage utilises square images that work well across mobile and desktop. As a large percentage of traffic to the website is mobile, it was important that the design worked effectively on mobile as well as desktop.

A. Fattorini

As the beautiful jewellery and watches that A. Fattorini sells are the star of the show, we created new product listing pages with larger images. This allowed the product images to shine and made it easier for users to see the details of rings and other jewellery.

Creating a Positive Impact

A. Fattorini recognised that updating their website would be beneficial to their business. Their website is after all an extension of their shopfront. 

By carrying out this update and keeping their product ranges displayed in the best format, potential clients can see that A. Fattorini are current, successful and a go-to stockist. 

Their improvements contribute to potential and existing customers having confidence in A. Fattorini. They show that A. Fattorini are a leading independent jeweller in a competitive market.   

  • Bounce rate dropped by 19%
  • Average pages per session increased by 13% 

“We’ve been working with Genius Division over a number of years to make sure our website reflects our retail vision. We want to showcase our products to the highest standards and working with Genius Division enables us to do this. Our website refresh has resulted in a fresh new look for us, combined with easy navigation and beautiful styling. We highly recommend the team to everyone.”

Karen, A.Fattorini

How we can help your business

It’s always a good idea to continually review your existing website. Ask yourself some questions – how does your website look in comparison to your competitors? Do you show your products and services in the best way possible? Is your website easy to navigate and does it generate sales? If you’d like us to review your website for you and advise how it could improve, please get in touch