WordPress Development

WordPress Development

Veterans at making WordPress work for you

WordPress runs deep in our blood. We’ve used WordPress as our main system of choice since we started Genius Division 10 years ago.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress’ power comes from its simplicity: it’s quick to pick up and quick to learn. We find many of our clients don’t even need much of our training to be able to understand it. Some of our clients have even used it on other projects before.

Whilst WordPress is simple it’s also very flexible. It’s used for all kinds of different websites: ecommerce, blogs and business websites.

WordPress is most famous for its powerful plugins that give you the ability to add useful features. You can add an endless amount of extra features onto your website by installing a plugin.

It’s the most-used content management system on the web, powering an estimated 40% of all sites across the web. This means you won’t be stuck with an outdated system that nobody can support. You’ll have a system that’s future-proofed and will stand the test of time.

Experts with WordPress

We don’t only build websites with WordPress: we’re experts in implementing complex systems to connect to WordPress.

We’ve built custom systems to help people connect their LMS, CRM and other systems with strange abbreviations into WordPress. We’ve built application forms that link into internal systems, and lots more.

We have the expertise to get WordPress to do exactly what you need, no matter how complex.

WordPress Development Investment

Our WordPress websites start from £3,000 + VAT.

Have we convinced you?

Let’s arrange a chat to find out if we’re the right fit to work together on your project.