Cutting edge design launches Lifestyle Financial Planning business

“I hope people regard me as somewhat of an expert in my chosen field, but in areas outside my comfort zone I would always prefer to partner with other experts, and I am so glad I chose Genius Division.”

“They have been brilliant all the way through. They listened carefully to how I wanted my firm to be viewed and perceived, along with my vision for the business. They worked collaboratively with me every step of the way, from the ideas and concept stages right through to the finished brand and website in a very calm confident fashion, and when we arrived at the finished product, I felt they had understood and interpreted my ideas perfectly.”

“I get regular comments from my clients and other professionals on the quality of my branding and marketing materials, which is very flattering and all down the hard work, diligence and creativity of the Genius Division team, and I would heartily recommend them to anyone else seeking experts.”

Andy Bennett

Project Objectives

Andy Bennett is a highly experienced Financial Planner with many years working in his industry. Andy approached us to develop a brand and website for the launch of his new lifestyle financial planning business. As this was a new venture, Andy wanted a strong, iconic brand and a website that would be friendly and have personality. 

Our Work

We worked with Andy to decide on a name that spoke both of quality and his local heritage and decided on Hartcliff. We then created an iconic Hart symbol (an archaic word for deer) that was strong enough to stand alone or as part of a full identity.  We worked hard to inject personality into the brand by using friendly copy with a fresh and bold look that would stand out. The branding designs were incorporated into all Andy’s business stationery including cards and folders. 

Hartcliff icon
We created an iconic Hart symbol – an archaic word for deer.
Full Hartcliff logo
The full Hartcliff logo. The typography was created from days of writing the word “Hartcliff” out in a sketchbook over and over.
Hartcliff book sticker
Andy gives out lots of books to potential clients, so we made a custom sticker design that perfectly summed up his approach to working.

We developed a responsive website for Andy using WordPress which is an easy to manage, versatile content management system. If Andy wishes to update or add further web pages or information to his site, this can be carried out with ease. The website enables potential clients to understand Andy’s ethos and values, the services he can offer and how he can help individuals and businesses. 

Hartcliff website design
We designed a website that stood out from other financial planners with a bold and different design.

Creating a positive impact

Following the creation of Andy’ brand and website development project he has successfully launched his business. Andy now has a stand-out image, reflective of his personality and professionalism. His easy to navigate website clearly sets out how he is able to help new and existing clients through his thought provoking questions.

How we can help your business

If you are considering starting your own business we can help you to create your own unique brand and get you online by creating a future proof website. We will work with you to develop a business image to promote your goods and services and ensure your branding is carried through to your website to give you a consistent, professional look.

We will develop your site with longevity in mind, so as your business grows and you need more features or functions adding, we can accommodate these with ease. It may be that you just need a shop front presence which tells your customers who you are, where you are and what you can offer. Whatever your needs are, we have the knowhow.  Please get in touch with us if you’d like an informal chat about how we can help. 

Our experts

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Richard Keys

Technical Director

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Craig Burgess

Creative Director

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James Sheriff

Managing Director

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Joe Hopper