Craft Metropolis

Website developed to launch online Beer Subscription service

Since the launch of Craft Metropolis’ website, the business has gone from strength to strength. With a loyal customer base which continues to grow, Craft Metropolis continues to gain momentum and increase its sales revenue.

Project Objectives

As on online craft beer subscription service, Craft Metropolis supply customers with a regular delivery of personally selected beers. We worked with Oli, the company’s founder, to design and develop a brand and website. The website needed to fulfil Oli’s vision for his new venture and offer a ‘stand out’ brand when compared with other competitors. It also needed to operate a reliable subscription service.

Our Work

As a supplier of exclusively London beers we designed a brand for Craft Metropolis that reflected its city based origins.  We designed a logo that translated well when used on packaging boxes.

As the website started as stocking exclusively London beers, it was important the logo had a flavour of London it it. We created a London skyline made purely out of beers.
We extended the brand to other items such as packaging and social media.
We designed custom graphics for the website navigation and other areas to give a cohesive personality to the entire website. Each piece was painstakingly weathered and grain added to keep with the flavour of the brand.

We designed and developed a responsive subscriptions website that allowed customers to pick their 12 beer choices from the range of bottles on sale. Filters were added to enable a more detailed search and a ‘We Pick’ option was also added where Craft Metropolis chose on behalf of the customer if preferred.

A subscription frequency option was developed, allowing customers to choose the length of time between deliveries. The system was developed with order management and processing features such as stock management and packing lists which allows orders to be easily picked and packed.  

Creating a Positive Impact

Our design and development work with Craft Metropolis has assisted Oli in launching his successful subscription business. By developing a website for Oli which can operate his monthly subscriptions orders, his company has a strong customer base and continues to grow.

How we can help your business 

Whatever type of business you operate, we can build a website with complex functionality that will streamline your order process, free up more of your time and enable you to manage your stock and orders with ease. We can design and develop your website to promote your products and services with features such as online order processing or more specialist functionality such as subscription based sales processing.