Branding and website project completed during national lockdown – successful label business seize the moment.


Hine Labels have been printing labels since 1980. Through their expertise in label printing they have become one of the most well-respected trade label printers in the UK. 2020 marked a special occasion for Hine Labels—they decided to get a website. Yes, Hine Labels had traded for 40 years with no need for a formal website of any kind.

We worked in partnership with Caroline Haywood from Purple Genie Digital to design and develop Hine Label’s first ever website and an entirely new brand identity.

We had known for many years the importance of having a website but had always felt busy enough. Over the years we had a couple of aborted attempts and did not know how to proceed. Once introduced to Craig everything started to happen for us. With his professionalism, quiet assertive manner, and Yorkshire humour, he guided us through the whole process, giving us a framework to keep us motivated. In the process Craig helped us to understand where we were going and we gained a whole new brand makeover. We are delighted with our new website,  and would highly recommend Craig and his team. In addition Genius Division are true Yorkshire value for money, so much so that we have appointed them to develop and maintain our new e-commerce site.

Anita Hine, Director, Hine Labels


The immediate challenge throughout 2020 was working on a large rebranding project remotely. Due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic we couldn’t meet Hine Labels in person, meaning we had to deliver our branding workshops over Zoom and collaborate in new ways.

Project Objectives

Our main objective throughout all of our work with Hine Labels was how to instantly create an identity that signified they had 40+ years experience in label printing. We needed to make them look established in the marketplace despite the fact that they had never had a website.

We discussed with the Hine team how we could create an appropriate branding image for the business that would translate across their entire organisation. The new brand would be used on signage, workwear, stationery and the new website. 

Hine needed a bespoke website that would promote the wide range of services they offer, whilst also showcasing their extensive experience within the label industry. The website would also act as a key marketing tool to attract new clients who may not be aware of Hine or their capabilities. 

Our Work

As a starting point to create a new brand, we carried out a discovery phase to uncover insights into Hine’s customer base and to fully understand their business objectives. We worked collaboratively with Caroline Haywood throughout this stage to ensure we hit all the key marketing messages.

This discovery phase teased out just how much experience Hine Labels had in the label printing industry, and how important it was for us to visualise and voice this to the marketplace.

We worked with Hine Labels to create a tagline that spoke of their experience in the industry and immediately placed them in the marketplace: the label experts.

From clumsy and difficult to read logo to a brand that oozed confidence and looked established.

We designed a brand identity that was confident, established and placed them as experts of their field. We used established dark blues and pop of colour with a bright pink as their main brand identity that would be carried through to the website, clothing, vans and many other applications.

We applied the branding to Hine’s existing brand—Houp. This gave Hine flexibility to create sub-brands.

We finished our brand work with the development of detailed brand guidelines. 

We then went on to create their bespoke website using the WordPress content management system. The website was designed as a user friendly, helpful guide which potential clients could easily navigate and gain a real understanding of Hine’s capabilities and products. 

The website home page shows a promotional video of their premises and machinery in operation created by Timm Cleasby. The About page carefully explains the family’s long running skill and experience in their industry and how they have continued to thrive. 

Creating a Positive Impact

The finished brand and website have created a professional image for Hine. The website enables Hine Labels to fully present who they are and what they do. They now have an effective marketing tool in place that will increase their reach and act as a valuable asset. 

The project was carried out throughout the challenging countrywide lockdown during the pandemic. Hine saw this period of uncertainty as a time to strengthen their business through marketing, rebranding and creating an online presence. They recognised that a website was essential to take their business forward and to help them in securing a strong future.

If you would like us to assist you to get online for the first time or bring your existing website up to date, please get in touch. We can safely carry out projects through remote working practices.