Online home fitness video subscription solution developed for popular fitness brand 

Project Objectives

After working with them on Your Space, Barnsley Premier Leisure approached us to create an online fitness class and workout system that people could use in the comfort of their own home. 

BPL realised that some individuals may feel nervous about returning to the gym following the Coronavirus outbreak, which would mean fewer people attending their Your Space leisure centres.

They identified that by offering virtual classes via a subscription service, it  would enable people to still enjoy being part of a fitness class from the comfort of their own home.

BPL operate several gyms and fitness centres across the UK under the Your Space brand.  They decided to market this new initiative as Your Space At Home.

We operate a number of gyms across Barnsley and it was important to us to be able to provide our services to people who didn’t feel comfortable in returning to the gym for whatever reason. Genius Division listened to our needs and have provided a great platform that allows flexibility for our customers and they feel part of BPL at the same time.

Tom Galvin, Regional Manager of BPL

Our Work

We built BPL’s fitness class video system on the Laravel framework using Vimeo as the video hosting platform. The system is responsive and works on all devices which means user participation is very flexible as a class can be taken during a work break/lunchtime or in an outside location using a smartphone wherever there is an internet connection.

We designed a system that enables BPL to add new videos to the library of classes, meaning members will continue to find Your Space At Home both interesting and challenging.    

Your Space at Home

The system was built to be user friendly. To get started a user signs up for an account to the subscription service and chooses to pay either monthly or quarterly via automatic billing. The system is integrated with the Stripe payment gateway.  Returning users log back in when they want to take a class and can take as many classes as they wish during each month.

There are a range of options available to the user to choose when selecting a class to participate in. They can select the duration of the class (from 15 mins to 1 hour), difficulty of workout (from easy to hard), type of class e.g. dumbbells, aerobics, and which body part they’d like to work out. By giving these options, the Your Space At Home systems really does cater for the individual.

Your Space at Home

Creating a Positive Impact

As a business within the leisure industry BPL quickly realised that they would need to consider other ways to generate income during the ongoing pandemic. Their online subscription service is a great option for anyone who doesn’t feel confident enough to visit one of their centres due to the virus, or simply would prefer to workout from home – which will create a new revenue stream for them. The system is easy to sign up to, use and enjoy, making it a great addition to the services that BPL already offer. 

How we can help your business

If your business has faced tough times recently, you may think now isn’t the time to make any further investments in marketing or development. This may be the ideal moment to consider how you can use technology to reach new customers and continue your success. 

If you’d like to talk to us about your business and how we could help you implement an online subscription service, please contact us.